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Yeshua Ha Mashiaich (Jesus The Messiah) Mentioned In The Talmud

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Maimonides' "Guide For The Perplexed"

Yeshua's Teachings Did Not Contradict The Torah Or Traditional Jewish Teaching

One of the most common misconceptions held by people today is the notion that Yeshua's teachings were new to Judaism, and that He was against all Pharisees.

Yeshua DID criticize some of the Pharisees, for He saw that some of them observed the Commandments in a mechanical fashion, observing them more out of routine than out of a genuine passion to serve G-D. Yeshua however was not against ALL Pharisees, and although it may be hard for some to understand this, the reality is that Yeshua in his teachings reflected Pharisaic teachings, and so in that sense the Messiah can be considered to have been a Pharisee.

It is important to understand that not all Pharisees were against Yeshua, there were some who supported

Him ,as the passage which mentions Nicodemus' visit
in John 3:1-3 shows.

When Yeshua was alive on earth there were three sects within Judaism: 1) Pharisees, 2) Saduccees, and 3) the Essenes (who gave us the Dead Sea Scrolls).

The sect whose teachings are most compatible with those of Yeshua are the Pharisees. Yeshua did criticize at times their excessive emphasis on the actual performance of rituals especially when that emphasis made them ignore the deeper meaning of those rituals, and he also criticized them for ocassionally putting more emphasis on customs or traditions than were not actual Commandments written

in the Torah, because He saw that through the intense observance of those customs they overshadowed the actual Commadments
that ARE written in the Torah (Matthew 15:3).

Yeshua however was not against tradition as long as it did not take precedence in importance over actual Torah Commandments , or Scriptural teaching, and as long as those traditions did not
contradict the Commandments.

Jewish sect comparison chart pic1
Jewish sect comparison chart pic1

Jewish Sect Comparison Chart Pic2
Jewish Sect Comparison Chart Pic2

The belief that Christians have of the resurrection came from Judaism and from the Pharisees.

Yeshua while He lived on earth was a Rabbi (John 3:1-3, John 1:38, Mark 14:45, John 9:2), and a Torah
observant Jew, who had no intention of abolishing the lifestyle that He had so fervently embraced and which was governed by the Torah (Matthew 5:17), nor did He wish to create a new religion which was totally alien from the religion which was His own, Judaism.

His followers who followed Him while He lived in Judea (as the Romans called Israel at the time) never ceased being Jews just because they followed Him, nor were they considered less Jewish for following Him, even though sadly many did not accept Him as the Messiah.

It is only through centuries of false dogma and the creation of a totally different religion claiming to follow Yeshua (with holidays and customs that are totally alien to the lifestyle that Yeshua, the Torah observant Jewish Messiah lived) that it has become

"unjewish" for a Jew to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah.

Ironically, the Lubavitch Hasidic Jews are not considered less Jewish in any way for believing that Rabbi Menachem Schneerson is the Messiah, or for selling photos of him, in much the same way that Catholics sell paintings of their perceptions of Yeshua, whom they call Jesus.


reb Menachem

The headline in the picture above reads: "The Messiah the Rebbe of Lubavitch He is the King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed is He, and higher than this."

The close reads: "Long live our Lord, our Teacher, our Rebbe King Messiah forever more."

Many Lubavitch Jews were actually waiting for G-D to raise this Rabbi from the dead, in much the same way that G-D resurrected the TRUE Messiah Yeshua (Matthew 28:7).

Rabbi Schneerson Dies:1994 Article Click here

The Yeshua that many people think of is not the real historical Yeshua, but rather a non-jewish

person whom their imaginations have fabricated.
The blond haired, blue eyed man with long hair, and medieval style flowing robes so often portrayed in Catholic paintings simply did not exist.

Catholic Jesus Image

This imaginary Yeshua which many non-Jews have envisioned for centuries, has been responsible for all the violence against Jews throughout history.
When you ponder on it, what can be more insane than killing Jews
for observing the Torah in the name of a Torah observant Jew!

Yeshua would never be in favor of His people

being oppressed by those who claim to follow Him.

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